How to install and configure Citrix VDA (Virtual Delivery Agent)

Citrix XenDekstop 7.1 installation

Steps to install and configure Citrix VDA (Virtual Delivery Agent) on Windows 7 are given below.

1. Insert DVD of Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 and run XenDesktop 7.1 installation.


2. Click “Virtual Delivery Agent for Windows Desktop OS”.

VDA Installation

3. Select “Create a Master Image” and click Next.


4. Select “No, install the standard VDA” and click Next.


5. Select “Citrix Receiver” if you wanted to install it. Citrix receiver is required to read the ICA file.


6. There are two ways to configure the location of “Delivery Controllers” either “Automatic” or “Manual”. In this example we’ll manually configure “Delivery Controller”. Type name of “Delivery Controller”, test connection and then click on Add.


7. Select all the options except “Personal vDisk” in this example.


8. Next step is to configure Firewall settings. I’ll recommend to leave it as “Automatically” and then click next.


9. Click “Install” to begin installation. During installation you might need to restart your Computer multiple times.


10. After installation is completed, restart your computer again and then shutdown.


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